Big Business

In an era where the economy teeters between recession and recovery and clients are stretching out the time between salon visits, business education offerings may be just the spark plug that salons need to keep profits humming. Here are some options:

Visual Merchandising & Retail Management

This one-day course on visual merchandising and retail management from Goldwell North America sheds light on the strategies used by the world's most successful retailers, then shows beauty pros how to implement an action plan to revitalize their salon retail space and get clients buying.

No-Compromise Leadership Boot Camp

Neil Ducoff's No-Compromise Leadership Boot Camp is designed to take beauty pros through a paradigm shift that changes their leadership thinking and behavior skills. The course covers all of the important bases, including how to keep your mental shields down and be open to new thinking, and how to unlearn past practices that feed compromising behaviors. For details, call 800/417-4848, extension 206.

Step Up! Fast Track to Wealth

Available through Redken's Business Connection, Michael Cole's Step Up! Fast Track to Wealth opens salon pros' minds to how they can build their businesses, maintain financial stability, and learn, earn and live better. The two-day, hands-on money workshop is designed to dramatically improve stylists' personal finances and professional income by resolving challenges like inefficient bookings, low client retention, burnout, overspending, high credit card debt and lack of savings, to name but a few. or

Benchmarking for Success

Designed for salon owners and managers who want to increase productivity and streamline expenses, Aveda's Benchmarking for Success course provides industry standards that can be utilized to set salon goals and measure productivity. The two-day program details the role of leadership in a growing organization, how to incorporate benchmarks into your salon and the strategies that will support you in meeting them.

Front Desk Doctor Workshops

Think of Redken Business Partner Kristi Valenzuela's Crystal Focus Front Desk Doctor Workshops as 911 for the heartbeat of your salon. The interactive program, available in one- and two-day formats, not only provides salon owners and front desk pros with hands-on exercises, but also gives them time to practice and role-play front desk profit-building principles. New systems like client services, understanding how to support the service provider team, and increasing salon sales in retail, gift cards and additional services are also covered in the program. or —K.D.