Big Fish, Small Pond

Casper, WY, is located at the foot of the Casper Mountain, part of the Laramie Mountain Range. Although it is small by national standards, the town is a regional center for banking, commerce and petroleum. It's also home to Bamboo, a small-town hair salon and spa that offers clients big-city atmosphere and services.

Bradley Aaron McCoy came up with the name for his Aveda Concept Salon to reflect Aveda's natural and environmental philosophy, as well as his name (his initials are B.A.M.). While McCoy has owned a salon for more than 35 years, Bamboo opened its doors about three years ago.


Located in a historic part of town, the 2,700-square-foot bilevel salon features hair and nail services on the first floor and spa services on the second floor. The salon was recently honored with a merit award for building renovation and decor from the Downtown Merchant's Association. Since Bamboo's inception, McCoy made sure all aspects of the salon would be as environmentally conscious as possible. From the bamboo floors and the paint on the walls to the linens in the treatment rooms and the products used in the hair and skin services, "green" is a word McCoy takes very seriously.

In addition to taking steps to preserve the environment, Bamboo gives back to the community in a number of ways, including hosting an event for cancer patients. Guests who attend the Bamboo Spa for a Cause event are offered complimentary services. Whether the salon is hosting an event or seeing clients on a regular day, McCoy always strives to create the most welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for all who walk through the door. "I created Bamboo to be a place people can go to in order to escape for awhile," McCoy says. "Inside the salon is like an oasis. When clients enter, all their worries go away."

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