Big Fish, Small Pond

Originally named Turkeytown due to the presence of wild turkeys in the area, New Providence, NJ, was renamed in 1759 when the balcony of a Presbyterian church collapsed without causing a single serious injury, which was deemed a sign of divine providence. Many locals still worship in this church, located in the center of town, but when they need to rejuvenate, they flock to Skin Deep Day Spa.


When owner Susan Barbaglia first opened Skin Deep in 1994 in a strip mall, an appealing location because of the abundance of available parking, it was only 1,000 square feet. Fourteen years later, the location is now 3,500 square feet, which Barbaglia achieved by purchasing neighboring space as it became available.

The full-service salon and spa offers a wide range of hair, nail, face and body services, including facials, makeup application and scalp treatments. Clients who visit the spa feel comfortable upon entering because of the earthy, warm colors inside, as well as the option to sit back in the calming relaxation room before and after services.


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To inform clients about less-popular services that tend to get overlooked, Barbaglia offers seasonal promotions. "We recently promoted our Champagne services by offering complimentary champagne treatments on clients' hands," Barbaglia says. "They loved it." While these promotions vary throughout the year, clients can receive complimentary scalp and skin analyses all year long. "If clients come to us to get help for a certain hair or skin issue, I want us to do all we can to help them choose the best treatment options," Barbaglia says.

Barbaglia is also a strong believer in helping the community. Last November, the spa hosted an event called Julien's Day. Skin Deep donated all of the event's proceeds to Julien, a five-year-old boy with leukemia.

Employees' hard work at these community events, as well as on a daily basis at Skin Deep, does not go unnoticed. Barbaglia rewards employees by offering those who meet a certain criteria the chance to win products, money or even a trip. "Offering these incentives keeps everybody motivated," Barbaglia says. "While building clientele and selling products are important, to me it is much more about the quality of the work than the quantity." —NICOLE PALMIERI

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