Bowled Over

Many clients cite the shampoo and accompanying scalp massage as their favorite part of their salon visit, so it's important to have a shampoo area that meets their expectations. "Think of the shampoo station as a separate service area as opposed to just a prep area," says Jason DeSantis, regional manager for Takara Belmont's New York City showroom. "In this economy, creating more of an experience is an extra way of making your clients feel special, which can maximize revenue."

Sine Qua Non II in Chicago features Takara Belmont Sara Shuttles.
Sine Qua Non II in Chicago features Takara Belmont Sara Shuttles.

DeSantis has noticed a movement away from traditional sidewash stations with separate sinks toward shampoo units with the chair and sink bowl attached. "These European-style units are more visually pleasing, more ergonomic for the stylist and more comfortable for the client," DeSantis says. They often have bowls that tilt and reclining chairs, making them fully adjustable. DeSantis also points out that these new shampoo units provide extra workspace on counters behind the units and allow stylists to move freely to maximize the service.



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It's a Wash


These new shampoo units add style, comfort and unique services to your salon.

1) Pibbs Shiatsuwash from Salon Ambience provides the ultimate luxury with a Shiatsu massage system built into the back of the chair and an electronic footrest (; 2) Takara Belmont Yume, available in a variety of neutral-toned colors, has a fully reclining lounge chair and allows the technician to either stand for a normal shampoo or remain seated for an extended hair treatment (; 3) Belvedere just launched its Plush Backwash station, with its perfectly matched chair and tilting bowl and extra-wide arms for total client comfort (; 4) Gamma & Bross Blackwash, part of the sleek Black Design by F.A. Porsche collection, is made entirely of fiberglass, which offers great protection against color stains (