Bridal Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, Carolina Herrera, Backstage with Yann Varin

Loreal Professionnel Lead Stylist, Yann Varin, created a sophisticated and sleek low-tucked roll to complement Carolina Herrera's beautiful spring/summer 20011 bridal gowns. In this video Varin describes the roll as having the appearance of a "pout." It's the overturned lower lip of a beautiful woman with "attitude." Adorning the model's hair were handwoven jeweled pieces designed by Herrera herself. This is a simple, yet gorgeous look for your bridal clients and makes it easy for a veil or comb to slip over the roll. For more on this look, watch our video below. Want a product with a lot of shine, but not a lot of stickiness? Loreal Professionnel Lead Stylist, Yann Varin, shared that Infinium 4 is the "best spray in the world" and admits that even using it layer after it still creates remarkable shine and flexibility. Watch here for Varin's styling product recommendation: Finally, to see Varin's finished looks as they graced Carolina Herrera's runway, watch below:


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