California Salon Donates Day to Breast Cancer Initiative

Breast cancer awareness month
photo by Pongasn68/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Linden Tyler Glavich was working in his solo studio years ago when he found out about a business fundraiser called the "sale for survivors" campaign. As part of the campaign, local businesses donated 10 to 20 percent of their day to local breast health projects, and also hosted raffles and fundraising during the month of October—all steps towards helping the breast cancer awareness initiative. Interested in the idea and dedicated to the initiative, Glavich decided to jump in on the cause and donate 100 percent of his day to his local breast health project, rather than just a percentage. "I also put together a raffle basket and sold tickets all month long," he says. "It was such a fun day and I met new clients that would be with me for the next decade."

Ten years later, Glavich and his entire staff at Linden Company Salon and Spa continue to donate 100 percent of their day each year to the Humboldt Community Breast and OBGYN Project in Humboldt County, California. "Breast cancer is something that affects everyone in some way," Glavich says. "Whether a family member has had it, a coworker or a client, we've all seen it in our lives. In the beauty industry, where most of my clients are women, I've been saddened, but also touched by the strength these women show in their personal battles," he says. "Some don't win the battle, and as long as that continues to happen, it's an absolute must for me and my team to help in any way we can." 

As a national educator, Glavich continues to spread the word about the initiative to others in the industry. "It's one day dedicated to raising money for a cause that everyone can relate to," Glavich says. "My vision is that anyone reading this will have the desire to help during breast cancer awareness month. Show your community you love and value them, and show the beauty industry that you're a true fan of your community and clients." 

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