Cover Story: Before Sunset

Celebrity colorist Marie Ferro sees some of the most important people in Hollywood at her Malibu salon, from actors and actresses to producers and screenwriters. Jane Seymour, Katharine Ross, Olivia Newton-John and other A-listers have been clients for years, but lately she’s been seeing their daughters as well. Marie and I began collaborating on an idea months ago, and it finally came to fruition. With Goldwell onboard as a sponsor—Marie is an avid supporter of the brand—she began making calls. On her wish list were Cleo Elliott (the daughter of Katharine Ross), Chloe Lattanzi (her mom is Olivia Newton-John) and India Oxenberg, whose mother, Catherine Oxenberg, joined the cast of Dynasty in 1984. The idea was to film the next generation of aspiring actresses and singers in and around Malibu where they grew up. It was like old home week the day the girls came into the salon to have Marie color their hair since they’d all gone to school together and had a lot of catching up to do. Art Janov, a psychologist and psychotherapist who created primal therapy, is a client and a friend. Last year Marie produced his play, Primal Scream: The Musical, with music by the legendary musician and producer David Foster. The play, which was adapted from Janov’s best-selling book, The Primal Scream, ran for one night at the Smothers Theatre at Pepperdine University with proceeds going to Arthur and wife France’s Primal Foundation for the continuation of brain research. So when Janov heard that Marie was scouting locations for our shoot, he and his wife graciously offered the use of their Malibu beach house. You didn’t have to ask us twice. So thanks to Art and France Janov, who couldn’t have been nicer while our crew trampled through their house to set up shop. The view from Art’s deck is amazing; the ocean is literally a stone’s throw away, and standing there as we approached the golden hour—what photographers call the hour before sunset when the light is almost perfect—was the highlight of the day. 


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