David Evangelista: An American in Paris

David in front of the Louvre
David in front of the Louvre

David in front of the Louvre

Ahhh, I love Paris. I have been all over Europe and all over the world, but would you believe this was my first trip to Paris? When I thought about how I wanted to spend my birthday months ago (no, not my 21st!), it struck me, “PARIS!†I did not hesitate to plan an October trip to celebrate my November birthday and spend some one-on-one time with the Eiffel Tower. But to my surprise, and as luck would have it, L'Oreal contacted me soon after to invite me to celebrate “100 years of L'Oreal Paris†in June. A complimentary trip to Paris with my favorite hair brands? Count me in!

This trip was awe-inspiring and life changing for me. From the moment I spotted Paris from thousands of feet above to when I stepped off the plane, I didn’t see one unattractive sight. One thing was more beautiful than the next, and there I was… J'adore Paris!

Oh, so back to the reason I was there. L'Oreal had brought together stylists from all over the globe and planned symposiums covering topics such as hairstyling, hair coloring, ways to grow a business in the beauty industry and more. Nights were filled with various activities, including a welcome night cocktail party and a spectacular hair show chronicling the 100 years L’Oreal has been in the beauty business. The last night, L’Oreal hosted a beautiful, extravagant dinner party for 5,000 hairstylists from around the world. It was incredible. I have been on television, worked with A-list celebrities, traveled all over and received five Emmy nominations, but I have never been to anything as special and unforgettable as this.


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What I took most out my trip to Paris was a sense of camaraderie. I met some of the biggest and best hairstylists in the world and embraced the opportunity to make new friends, learn about other people’s careers and talk beauty. We all know hairstylists have egos (ahem!), but there were no egos here. It was so refreshing to speak to others experts in a creative manner. We shared our work experiences, our thoughts about the future of the industry and made plans to get together again as friends. It was mind-blowing to hear other stylists speaking in such an open forum, egos checked at the door. In a business where competition is no secret and we all strive to be the best and most creative, my travels quickly went from a business trip to a journey. To me, this trip signified that we are all moving in the right direction, one idea at a time.

Hugs & Hairspray,
David Evangelista

David Evangelista is one of the nation's leading hair, makeup and fashion experts and a respected television personality. He has been a contributor to The Early Show on CBS since 2002, bringing style, beauty, and makeover advice to millions of viewers each week. He also recently opened his salon David Evangelista at Spa Chakra in New York City. He works with high-profile personalities including Becki Newton, Julia Stiles, Eva Longoria Parker, Hillary Swank, Peyton Manning, Mandy Moore, Rita Wilson, Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Steve Martin and Kevin Kline.