David Evangelista on Making Clients Smile


Recently, my dear friend Katie Crawford asked me to do her hair for her upcoming nuptials. How could I resist? We have been friends forever, and she is the closest thing to my sister. Knowing Katie, no stone would be left unturned, and this weekend would be talked about for years to come. She spent months planning this glorious, weekend-long Southern wedding celebration (Note: The wedding party was the size of a Little League team). For whatever reason, I began to feel more excited and nervous about styling Katie for her big day than if I was styling an A-lister for a movie premiere. Maybe it was because she is such an important person in my life that on her big day, I wanted and needed for it to be perfect for her. Maybe it was because my work was going to be judged by people I have known for years and who have high expectations of me. I had to put all that aside. There was work to be done, planning to do.

katies-wedding-hair After I received photos of Katie's dresses (there were three for the wedding weekend), I carefully thought out the hairstyles that would complement each of her looks. For the Thursday night rehearsal dinner, where she wore a stunning, strapless pastel green cocktail dress, I created a straight, sleek, low-maintenance look that suited her and her dress perfectly. At Friday's luau, where Katie wore a “Jackie-O†Pucci top and capris, I created a sixties-inspired look with waves and added extra volume at the root. For the wedding day, with Grace Kelly as my muse, the look was modern and Katie donned a very chic textured tight low chignon. Three very unique looks for a very special woman. Katie was a vision.

? Throughout the weekend, she thanked me endlessly and her smile was proof that she had all the confidence in the world. There is nothing more fulfilling than making someone look and feel beautiful. Though I have been a hairstylist for years and have been nominated for five Emmys for my work in beauty, I can't just rest on my reputation to pull me through. I need to see a client's face to know I am succeeding at my work and life passion. No matter who it is—celeb, friend, new client, family member—my job is not finished until the client is smiling. Mission accomplished!

Hugs & Hairspray,
David Evangelista

david-headshotDavid Evangelista is one of the nation's leading hair, makeup and fashion experts and a respected television personality. He has been a contributor to The Early Show on CBS since 2002, bringing style, beauty, and makeover advice to millions of viewers each week. He also recently opened his salon David Evangelista at Spa Chakra in New York City. He works with high-profile personalities including Becki Newton, Julia Stiles, Eva Longoria Parker, Hillary Swank, Peyton Manning, Mandy Moore, Rita Wilson, Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, Steve Martin and Kevin Kline.