Dermalogica Opens New Academy in NYC

In April, Dermalogica Academy opened its doors in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood, marking the professional skincare brand's first foray into an undergraduate curriculum for skin therapists. “We are thrilled about the opening of the Dermalogica Academy as it represents the final piece that makes our brand, and its commitment to education, come full circle,” said Dermalogica founder and owner Jane Wurwand. “The Academy will be the proving-ground for new standards in undergraduate education. We’re offering a highly challenging, yet completely collaborative program, one which will truly give our students a clear advantage not only in passing their Board exams, but also in succeeding in the industry upon receiving their license through extensive retail and in-store marketing training at our concept spaces and opportunities for continuing their education at The International Dermal Institute (IDI).”

The 6,000-square-foot Dermalogica Academy is divided into five separate learning centers: classroom, lab, MicroZone stations, Skin Bar and Treatment Room. With a maximum of 12 students per class, the academy will offer highly focused, personalized teaching that will allow students to complete the New York State licensing requirements of 600 hours in less than 18 weeks.

“Future Skin Therapists are supervised by licensed educators as they begin to treat clients,” says Steven Frost, Dermalogica Academy director. “We believe that it is absolutely essential to their future success to not spend too much time in a purely cerebral, theoretical, seated classroom modality. Skin therapists typically are kinesthetic types. They learn best by doing, using their hands, and touching skin because that’s where their passion lies.”

Future plans include the projected opening of as many as 10 Dermalogica Academy locations across the United States during the next eight years, as well as providing teacher training for licensed instructors and financial assistance offerings for students.

Treatment Room at the Dermalogica Academy