Dining in the Dark with Sexy Hair

At this year’s 2016 Sexy Hair Team Experience in Southern California, nearly 200 Sexy Hair education and sales team members stepped out of their comfort zones by participating in a very unique experience. After shutting off their cell phones, they dined entirely in darkness while being served by visually impaired wait staff. The experience encouraged everyone to rely exclusively on their sense of sound, smell, touch and taste to communicate with one another and learn about their environment. Seating was also arranged to place attendees at tables with new people they would normally not have had the chance to socialize with. 

Prior to turning the lights off, members of the wait staff shared inspiring personal stories of how despite losing their eyesight, each of them was able to move forward and live happy, successful lives.  “Sexy Hair is about people, relationships and experiences,” said Stephanie Polansky, director of education & shows for Sexy Hair. “Sitting in total darkness reminded attendees to go back to the basics of listening and communication. They all came out with a lesson learned at the end.”

The multi-day conference included numerous hands-on training sessions that gave attendees the opportunity to fine-tune their professional skills and immerse themselves into the company’s culture. They were also introduced to the latest Sexy Hair products and the newly launched 2016 Sexy hair California Dreamin’ haircut collection. The annual Red Party was held at the recently-opened Sexy Hair Santa Monica Academy, where several education team members were recognized for their outstanding work.


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