Disco Queens

A new collection by Aussie salon Orb Hair & Beauty extends a pop culture metaphor to glorious lengths.


The Glam collection from Down Under salon Orb Hair & Beauty of New Farm in Queensland, Australia honors the decade that yielded a range of durable style trends, including glitter rock. “Glam is the perfect name because we wanted to show a contemporary collection with glam ’70s influences,” says Deborah Paton, Orb’s owner. Paton teamed up with Orb Senior Stylist Keith Siong to create this collection, exclusive to American Salon. The team was inspired by the variety of styles the decade offered, from feminine to androgynous. “Hair was styled with volume in different places to reflect some of the shapes and trends,” Paton says. Texture was achieved with triple-barrel curling irons and texture setting, a technique where each section is backcombed before being ironed and brushed out.


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ABOVE IMAGE: Mousse was added to the hair before it was twisted into different-sized sections for enhanced texture. Roots were then dried with a diffuser, and pieces were gently sectioned out from underneath and finger-backcombed at the roots before the remainder of the hair was diffused into the final shape.

ABOVE IMAGE: Deborah Paton and Keith Siong first cut naturally wavy hair into an eye-sweeping fringe before prepping with a body-building mousse and blow-drying using extra-large round brushes. They then set locks on large Velcro rollers from the mid-lengths to the ends to preserve movement.

ABOVE IMAGE: Hair was prepped with bodifying spray before being lightly backcombed and set with a triple-barrel curling iron. Each section was brushed through before being backcombed again, then was brushed into place, with the ends tucked under and sprayed for hold.

ABOVE IMAGE: Hair was prepped with bodifying spray, then blown dry with a round brush at the part. Sections from underneath were worked up and forward, backcombed and texture-set with irons. To finish, hair was backbrushed through the mid-lengths and ends and smoothed into place before it was lightly sprayed.