Do the Twist

If there's a single word to describe the trend in hair today, it's texture. And no one knows this better than the perm experts at Avlon Industries. Their Ferm conditioning curl and body perm system helps you offer clients spectacular waves, curls and body perms, no matter what their natural texture is, while preserving more of the hair's strength. The line's exclusive conditioning treatment, applied before the perming solution, penetrates the open hair cuticles to hydrate the hair and help prevent damage during the chemical process. Here's how to achieve the look shown here.



1. Section shampooed hair starting from the nape and working toward the crown. Spray hair with Ferm Quaternizer Pre-Perm Conditioner.


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2. Sparingly apply Keracare Super Reconstructor to the entire head. Then, using the "hot dog" spiral rods, spiral wrap hair, using larger rods on the bottom to maintain length.

3. Continue spiral wrapping around entire head; when all of the hair is wrapped, apply cotton strip around the hairline.

4. Saturate each rod with Ferm Controlled Reshaping Lotion. Cover hair with plastic cap (do not use heat). Let process for 20 minutes.



5. Before rinsing the Reshaping Lotion from hair, saturate each rod, on top and underneath, with Ferm Strengthening Lotion. Leave on hair for 5 minutes; rinse thoroughly.

6. Replace cotton strip around hairline, then liberally saturate each rod with neutralizing solution. Cover hair with plastic cap (do not use heat); let process 20 minutes. Rinse each rod thoroughly, on top and underneath, with warm water.