Doctor's Orders

Stylists at Hair by Bennie and Friends in Louisville, KY, have a new tool to help them recommend BennieFactor products for each client's needs: BennieFactor Professional Prescription Notepads. "Clients leave a salon feeling so much better when the stylist they trust recommends a product," says founder and owner Bennie Pollard. "These prescription pads help alleviate the pain of uncertainty, and the clients have a better understanding of which products fit their hair type and hairstyles best."


The notepads, which are being used at salons across the country that retail BennieFactor products, resemble a doctor's prescription pad. They feature check boxes for recommending the appropriate shampoo, conditioner and styling products for each client, in addition to space for noting the client's next appointment and stylist's name.

"I've noticed a big increase in BennieFactor sales in my salon when stylists use the recommendation notepads," he says. "And retail sales equal client loyalty." —L.A.


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