Eva Scrivo on Facing Your Fears

Eva Scrivo
Eva Scrivo

Eva Scrivo

Fear is a stylist’s biggest enemy. In fact, most people in our industry spend their entire careers being afraid. Afraid of not being busy enough or of not having enough assistant support if you are; that a client will have to wait a few extra minutes because you squeezed in an extra service; or a client not liking a haircut or color formula—after all, what if your cutting skills or chemistry are not as strong as your artistic sensibility? Afraid that the client might think you are ‘too pushy†for recommending products, but also of looking bad for not reaching your retail goals; or afraid of the salon management (trust between the hairdresser and salon owner can be a rare thing). Because of this fear, you end up staying in your comfort zone, afraid of making a mistake if you venture out.

Living in fear leads to stagnation and never reaching your goals or potential. In this business, we are faced with constant challenges. We learn to combine a very technical craft with artistic design. We learn how to read people and make them feel better about themselves. We have the ability to have a huge impact in their lives, hopefully a positive one. Fortunately, you can eventually improve your coping skills with clients, assistants, managers, and salon owners alike. And the best part: You will never stop learning and growing in this industry, so long as you allow yourself to grow.

Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new or am reminded of what I need to work on. It may be a way that I can improve my skills as a hairdresser, become a smarter businessperson or be a more patient mentor to my staff. I have realized the key to all success, whether personal or professional, is to be open. When you are open you can see a situation from all sides. You become more sensitive to the nuances around you, more adept at dealing with challenges, and more accountable for your work and behavior. You learn to accept responsibility for your successes and failures. You become a stronger person and everything in your life becomes stronger, especially within your profession. Such vulnerability can be your greatest asset. Most feel that confidence and bravado lead to success, but it is actually the ability to recognize your own weaknesses that will allow you to achieve greatness. Yes, some confidence can create opportunity, but it is skill, talent, tenacity and pure determination that make a stylist not just successful but, eventually, an industry leader.

If you are ready to grow your business and go to the next level as an artist, think about what scares you and talk about it. But speak with those who can actually help you do something about it—your manager, mentor, salon owner, or even a life coach or therapist. Be upfront! Don’t be afraid. Sometimes we know the right answers and just need a little help in making them materialize. It is through facing and even embracing our fears that we discover solutions, and when we are ready to take that step and fully commit to ourselves, dreams can become reality.

Eva Scrivo is a highly acclaimed hair and makeup artist, host of Beauty Talk on Sirius Satellite Radio, television personality, and entrepreneur who owns two eponymous NYC salons. Through her experience, insight, range of expertise, and penchant for teaching, she has come to be regarded as one of the country’s premier beauty experts. Equally strong in hair cutting, coloring and makeup, Eva also has a thorough knowledge of skin care, nutrition, wellness and fashion. She has recently become the spokesperson for Wella Professionals and is presently working on her first beauty book to be published by Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. To view additional tips from Eva visit: www.evasbeautyblog.com


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