An Evening of Pure Bliss

I'm a bit of a spa junkie, but I've never felt as compelled to write about a treatment as I do about the Platinum Rare Facial I experienced last night at the La Prairie Spa at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC. I've always said that I find facials far more relaxing than massages (somewhat weird, I know), but the Platinum Rare Facial took that to a whole new level. I was in a state of pure bliss for the entire 90 minutes, and for someone who has trouble winding down and shutting her mind off, that's quite the accomplishment!

The facial involved not one but TWO people working on me at the same time: an esthetician who performed the facial using La Prairie products, including the Platinum Rare Serum and Cream, and a massage therapist who exfoliated and massaged my arms, hands, legs and feet. Amazing.

I've heard of a two-person massage before, but I've never seen a facial like this on any service menu. If you offer facials at your salon or spa, I highly recommended adding an option that includes a massage therapist as well—it truly turns an ordinary facial into an extraordinary spa experience.