Farouk Systems Debutes New Products at Bronner Bros. International Hair Show

Pouf, frizz, flyaways: This is the price many clients have to pay in humidity-plagued regions like the South. Members of the largely textured market, rejoice! At the 2012 Bronner Bros. International Hair Show hosted in Atlanta February 18-21, Farouk Systems debuted the revolutionary CHI Enviro American Smoothing Treatment. Offering a gentler alternative to traditionally harsh straightening systems, the frizz fighter infuses the cuticle with a combination of amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl to eliminate up to 95 percent of the unwanted texture.

Styling duo Brian Perry and Chaune Fitzgerald demonstrated the system’s revamping effects, while also featuring styling and blowout techniques using products from the Farouk Royal Treatment and CHI Deep Brilliance, which has recently evolved to include tools that cater specifically to textured hair.

George Cooper, global artistic board member, also took the stage at the event, where he showcased precision cutting techniques and CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color. The new ammonia-and paraphenylenediamine- free innovative color treatment boosts health and shine, while delivering more even and intense coverage.


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