Farouk Systems Stages New Products at ISSE Long Beach

Joe Anthony Pena and Rocky McCormick showcase precision cutting shears

Farouk Systems revealed a revamped stage concept at ISSE Long Beach to showcase it newest offerings with the help of veteran stylists.

Exuberant styling duo, Joe Anthony Pena and Rocky McCormick, demonstrated the precision cutting possibilities of CHI’s newest shears. They then emphasized the versatility of the Made in USA CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, which goes beyond that of a typical flatiron to create subtle waves or bombshell curls.

Anna Cantu styles Miss Mexico 2009 Karla Carrillo

Showcasing CHI’s Farouk Royal Treatment product range, Ann Cantu, pageant styling specialist, reached new heights of updo volume with the look she created for Miss Mexico 2009 Karla Carrillo.

“The Farouk Systems stage was really rocking,” says Lisa Marie Garcia, vice president of shows & education. “Long Beach was an amazing start to 2012.”—M.R.