Forces of Nature

Movement and a variation of texture, inspired by the power of natural events, take center stage in the newest collection from Schwarzkopf Professional’s Jorge Buccio.

by nicole altavilla Photography by Tania Quintanilla at TQPHOTO

Schwarzkopf Professional Featured Artist Jorge Buccio was inspired by the strong power of nature, specifically the chaos created by fires and tornadoes, for the Chaos in Control collection. To create looks that feature movement and interesting textures, he began each style by washing hair with Schwarzkopf BC Hairtherapy Fibre Force Shampoo and using Spray Conditioner, priming dry locks with Osis Hold Miracle, and prepping them with ³/8-inch and ¼-inch curling irons. “I wanted to create movement in the hair, but also have areas that looked calm and static—I wanted to create calm or control within chaos,” Buccio says. “The current mood on the runways is a variation of textures, from crimping to very tight curls, even textures that are extremely matted. I wanted to make this collection very relevant to the mood of the runways.” 


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Makeup: Clarissa Luna at Timothy Priano; Hair Assistant: Carlos Constantino