Free Style

Textured, spiky hair—a perennial favorite among Hollywood hipsters and trendy fashionistas—continues to turn heads this season. This time around, the hottest crops fuse asymmetry with graduation to deliver loads of attitude. Here, artistic director Nick Irwin of the TIGI International Artistic Team shares how to get the look of the moment.


1. After shampooing and conditioning, work a small amount of TIGI Bed Head Cocky Thickening Paste into the hair.

2. Make a radial parting from the crown to the top of the ears; then, using a point-cutting technique, take pivoting radial sections while carefully following the head shape.

3. Repeat the step through to the other side.

4. Take an asymmetrical section through the top. Raise one side higher than the other; then use the high elevation to take the diagonal sections forward, cutting short to long using a point-cutting technique. Repeat on the other side.

5. Continue layering and adding asymmetry over the top section and into the side, length and fringe areas.


6. Detail the back area with point-cutting.

7. Work a bit of TIGI Bed Head Cocky Thickening Paste into the hair; then blow-dry.

8. Personalize and detail the style, using channel-cutting, back-cutting and point-cutting techniques in the fringe and crown areas. —K.D.


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