Get Inside Your Clients' Minds

Ever wonder what your clients are really thinking about their salon experience? KMS California's Profit or Perish program exposes exactly that. James Brito, KMS' global programs manager, and the KMS team hit the streets to talk to real customers to find out what they really want in the salon. This 60-minute video presentation allows salon owners and stylists to hear it for themselves. Here are some highlights.

James Brito
James Brito

GET PERSONAL. "Paying more attention to clients is the basis of customer service," Brito says. Greet clients by name and get to know their needs. Follow up after their service to make sure they're happy.

CREATE A WELCOMING ATMOSPHERE. Going to a new salon or trying a service can be intimidating, so stylists should make the process as pleasant as possible. Give a scalp massage during the consultation or increase shampoo time—this was found to be clients' favorite part of the salon experience. Their least favorite part? Gossip.

IT'S OK TO RAISE PRICES. Approximately 98 percent of clients interviewed in the video said they would pay more money for better service. "If you raise your game, give yourself credit it for it," Brito says. According to him, 90 percent of people who go through the Profit or Perish program end up raising their prices. For more information on Profit or Perish, visit —L.M.