Going Green

The Green Book 2007 is here! For those of you not familiar with the Green Book, now in its 52nd year, it's the original comprehensive resource for your salon and spa needs. I like to think of it as the "yellow pages" of our industry, where you'll find all the listings for products, manufacturers, manufacturer's representatives, distributors and chain salons, as well as useful information on the latest U.S. salon statistics and trends in hair, skin, nail and spa services, right at your fingertips.

Brett Vinovich
Brett Vinovich

Nancy Flinn and Lynn Osborne of NF Marketing Resources, Inc., have once again compiled the research that will make a difference to your salon. For Green Book 2006, they overviewed the changes in the industry and how they affected us all. This year, they dig into the industry to discover what makes us tick and flesh out some of the dynamic aspects of our world, placing a big emphasis on the impact of baby boomers.

The cover girl this year is the face of Sexy Hair, Katharine McPhee. You may remember her from American Idol, but I guarantee you've never seen her more beautiful. Michael O'Rourke and his talented team have truly created magic here. To order your copy of Green Book 2007, call 866/344-1315 or order online from greenbook2007.com.

As we continue our look back at the industry and celebrate our 130 years in print, be sure to check out this month's The Way We Were supplement, starting on page 105, which focuses on the years 1900–1910, and is sponsored by PureOlogy. I have included some pictures from this remarkable decade that I thought you might enjoy.Brett Vinovich, publisher, [email protected]