Golden Classics

Jemima Wright called on old Hollywood to create timeless styles ranging from sleek bobs to flaxen retro waves.

Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich—Hollywood’s Golden Age gals inspired the Femme Fatale collection by colorist Jemima Wright for Wild Life Hair in Sydney, Australia. “The collection celebrates vintage looks embellished with contemporary haircolor,” Wright says. “In fact, the intent was to present the classic looks of black-and-white movies in contemporary color.” The collection features stunning block colors, balayage highlights and color bands that amp up the glam. —Corie Russell

Photography: Matthew Webb; Makeup: Isabella Schimid; Fashion Styling: James Dykes


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IMAGE ABOVE: Jemima Wright formulated a creamy blonde color and an extra-light beige hue at the ends for a two-dimensional feel.

IMAGE ABOVE: Wright added a shiny band of color to this bob by pre-lightening the mid-band of the top section of hair and toning it green. “The idea of this color is to appear as if there’s no color—just the light hitting the hair,” Wright says.