The Great Italian Journey Campaign

(Great Lengths USA)

Inspired by the must-do cultural experience of 19th century, the new Great Lengths campaign recalls the time artists from North European countries used to come to Italy for its warm light, bright colors and, most of all, for its ancient heritage and cool lifestyle. The campaign title is actually a tribute to the German Goethe’s masterpiece “Italian Journey," a best-selling travel literature classic, telling the sweet magic of the lemon-trees land.

This highly aspirational story is about five women, coming from every corner of the world, to discover the Sicilian atmosphere, flavors, traditions and hidden gems. They explore Palermo, a treasure of historical stratification, one of the liveliest European cities and finally an urban laboratory, where a colorful folklore is still alive while, at the same time, an artistic rebirth is taking place. The 5 sleek women wander the city, its loud markets, they meet the warm-hearted local people, they gaze across the stunning architecture of the historical centre until reaching the beautiful beach of Mondello. Their elegant beauty stands out in the baroque setting, their hair looks are the discreet protagonists, with its invisible fullness. Their contemporary outfits with some bold patterns create a surprising contrast with the rich décor of the environment.