Hairbrained Quick-Tip: Technical Precision with Matty Conrad

Recognized as one of the leading men’s grooming experts in North America, Matty Conrad successfully marries precision with classic techniques. His cool aesthetic and back to basics approach has earned him top accolades. Read on to get this grooming expert’s top quick-tip for making your end results cleaner, overnight. 

Size matters. Use the biggest pair of sheers that you can for your scissor over comb. This will help with blending; it will allow you to produce seamless results, with ease.  

Keep it still. Be sure to keep your eye on the still blade – and keep it as still as you can. To accomplish this, use just your thumb.


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Implementing these two simple methods will help to make your technical work look clean and precise. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to invest a little time and effort into mastering new skills.  

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