Hanna Compton, Week 7: Protege

Now that we're out of core we have two weeks of assisting and learning from other future professionals on the floor until we get to take clients ourselves. How it works is in the morning we have class then after lunch we're on the floor for the rest of the day. Then on Wednesdays we have guest speakers and we stay in class the rest of the day while some future professionals are on the floor. On Saturdays we are on the floor all day since we're the busiest on Saturdays. And we have a test every Friday on whatever chapter we read in the book that week. This week was pretty cool, we went over the structure of the hair as well as hair and scalp conditions in class on Tuesday. We also worked on some state board mock tests. Then on Tuesday we had more Theory, or learning things from the book, and we also had cutting class. We thought of or found a combination cut we'd be interested in doing and mapped it out on our head sheets so that we can do it next week. Then Wednesday we had guest speakers from Dermalogica who walked us through face mapping. We also got to see a little bit of the new Paul Mitchell Color System Dvds that just came out. On Thursday we had texture class where Ree showed us one of the textures we used at Fashion Week. And on Friday we had our test and had color class where we watched a bit of the new Alchemy color and cut dvds soon to be released by Angus Mitchell. Saturday we assisted on the floor all day and I got to work at the front desk to see how that all works. It was pretty fun and time went by fast. I liked it. At the end of the day I helped do a haircut on a very nice woman with reallly long hair. She got layers that looked really nice and I got to work on my sales skills as well as inform her of our Skin Academy and how we do waxing and facials and all that. I really enjoyed this week, its a big new step, but I'm ready for it. I can't believe that in just one more week I'll be taking my first client!

Much Love,

Hanna Compton


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