Hanna Compton, Week 8: Protege

This was our last week being "Proteges", so starting tuesday we are finally able to take our own clients! It's crazy that after only 8 weeks we are able to serve our own paying client. Sure I'm a bit nervous, but whenever I feel that was I just assure myself that I know what I'm doing. I have the knowledge it takes to cut color and style anybody's hair, and I have all my friends at school and my amazing learning leaders to back me up and answer my questions and doubts if I have any. I'm stoked to be taking guests!

This week we just continued to assist the other future professionals in the salon and had class as usual. We also had a learning leader from the Paul Mitchell school in Tampa, Florida come in and teach us some new blow drying techniques, which we got to practice on eachother the whole day. On saturday everyone dressed up for Halloween and Friday at school we got to decorate as well. We had a costume contest that was really cute.

I'll be on the floor from now on this upcoming week so feel free to come get your hair done by me!  (:

Much love,

Hanna Compton