HiR 7.06: Gingers Come and Go, Olympic Hairstyles Get Creative, More Harry Potter Stars Follow Emma Watson's Lead

This week's HiR may be a short list, but it doesn't lack in makeovers, good-will charity or crazy hair tales. Read on to find out what went down in the world of 'dos this week. —Aja Edwards

Lindsay Lohan's new red hue.

Lindsay Lohan debuted new red locks, returning to her early Parent Trap days.

A new ad for a salon chain that’s offering discounts on waxing services for girls 15 and under has sparked a new debate on what exactly is too young for certain salon services.

One of the Olympics 2012's crazy hair fans.

TLC launched a new series, “Be Blunt with Adhuna Akhtar,” its first India-based hairstyling and makeover series with hair stylist Adhuna Akhtar.

Olympic 2012 fans showcased their spirit by sporting outrageous hairstyles to pay tribute to the Games.

James and Oliver Phelps opt for a dark brown hue after 10 years as red heads.

Just like their  fellow costar Emma Watson, who ditched her wavy ‘do for a sleek pixie, Harry Potter stars James and Oliver Phelps—the Weasley twins—mixed up their style by ditching their 10-year-old ginger hue in preparation for Hollywood.

Awesome kid of the week alert: Ottawa native, William Panter, 10, was growing his hair for a cancer patient’s wig, and endured 18 months of bullying because of his long locks. However, Panter maintained a positive attitude, sticking out the harassment in order to achieve his goal.