Horst Rechelbacher 50 Beautiful Years

A Beautiful Mind

Horst Rechelbacher is indeed a man of many talents. Not only a brilliant entrepreneur who forever changed the face of the professional beauty industry when he launched Aveda in the late '70s, he's also an award-winning stylist whose legendary artistry—a sampling of which is seen on these pages—has had a huge role in pushing hair into bold new territories and in inspiring countless others. As he once noted of the company he founded whose pure, plant-based products, spurred a huge botanical boom in the salon market, "Aveda was a way to blend my love of hairdressing with my love of aromatherapy and the environment." For that, we should all be thankful.

Rechelbacher's signature hairstyles were always fresh, natural and creative.

Whether short and sophisticated or containing an element of fantasy, his styles always made a statement.

A true visionary, Rechelbacher's looks were individualistic and moved hair into bold new territories.