The House of Representatives Passed The CROWN Act—Now What?

The CROWN Act aims to ban hair discrimination nationwide. | photo via Getty Images

Dove and The Crown Coalition are one step closer to banning hair discrimination nationwide. On Tuesday, the United States House of Representatives passed The CROWN Act, which would legally prohibit discrimination based on a Black person's hairstyle or texture. Representative Ilhan Omar announced the news on twitter:

Though this is a major milestone in the fight, there's still more work to be done. From here, the bill will move to the Senate for a final vote that could end hair discrimination once and for all. While this may sound simple, according to an article on, "at least 51 of the 100 Senate members must vote for it to pass—then, it gets handed off to the President, who has the final choice to veto or (we hope) sign it into law."

While waiting on a national mandate, several states have already banned hair discrimination, including New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia and Washington. To help, you can sign a petition here.


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