How to Create a Braided Headband With Ruth Roche

“Most people think braids need to be symmetrical and perfect and that’s just not the case, this version is pulled and flattened so it has more texture and width to resemble a headband,” says Roche.

Braided Headband Step-by-Step:

  • Prepare hair with Pureology Strength Cure Cleansing Condition.
  • Apply Pureology Highlight Stylist Sea-Kissed Texturizer to damp hair and dry with a diffuser.
  • Take a section about 2” from one side of the head and clip hair above and around it away.
  • Create a three-strand braid by crossing left over center and right over center, down the entire section and secure with an elastic.
  • Working from top to bottom, pull the edges of the braid away creating a fuller flatter type of braid.
  • Wrap braid up and over the head at an angle to create a headband and tuck the end underneath the hanging hair on the opposite side and secure at the elastic by crisscrossing two bobby pins in an “X” formation.
  • Let the long hair hang over the bobby pins and over the base of the braid.
  • Finish with Pureology Colour Stylist Strengthening Control Hairspray.

About: Roche specializes in design/finishing trends and business – she's as captivating in front of thousands as she is in an intimate in-salon setting. She is the winner of multiple North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) awards and has contributed to Milady's Standard Textbook of Cosmetology. Stylists from around the world learn, grow and fuel their creative fire with her. She is an established celebrity stylist (Anne Hathaway, Claire Danes, Amy Adams, Pink, Jenna Fischer, Mariah Carey…) and maintains a loyal clientele at Cutler Salon in NYC. For more info go to