How To: Nieves Almaraz's Bald Fade

Once the work-week ends, it’s time for barbershops to rock!  One of the most important rules to follow when the shop gets busy is to utilize time efficiently while not sacrificing quality. With this in mind, I schedule appointments for my clients in a way that always allows for the best service possible.

Most of my clients want to look clean and sharp for the weekend! One of the most popular Friday haircuts is a nice bald fade - taking the sides short while leaving the top long enough to style.

To get the right look, I start off by blending the sides using my Wahl Cordless Magic Clip. Note that getting the sides really close down to the skin is a must for my weekend warrior clients.

Once I’m finished with my blend, I follow up with detail line work using my Wahl Cordless Detailer.  I set the trimmers lever to the “line“ position to create precise results.

But a great bald fade doesn’t stop there. To get that ultra clean and sharp finish, I follow my Detailer with my Wahl 5 Star Shaver Shaper to take the hair down to the closest level (as if I was using a straight razor).

The end result is a skin tight blend along with an extremely happy client ready to conquer the week-end.

About: Nieves Almaraz has a background in both Barbering and Cosmetology and has expanded his career as a business owner and educator. A native of Chicago, Nieves has been recognized in several magazines, as well as the recipient of the prestigious ‘Most Artistic’ award from Cosmetologists Chicago in 2006 & 2007. Nieves motto is “keep an open mind, there is always something to learn from someone in this industry.”  With this approach, he willing becomes the ‘someone in this industry’ to learn from.  Fluent in both English and Spanish, Nieves skillful approach offers modern, original, and simplified techniques that provide an uncomplicated understanding to using clippers.

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