How-To: Woman's Clipper Cut

Women are allowed to wear ultra-short hair; it’s classy and sassy!  Short hair represents confidence.  It can be blended or disconnected.  IT can have designs or placement fades.  So what’s the difference between a man’s clipper cut and a ladies’ clipper cut?  YOU.  The techniques are the same; you just have to think differently.  Don’t let your client go somewhere else because you aren’t confident you can do the work.  Learn how with just a few easy techniques and an open mind you can change the way you approach a lady’s haircuts.  Become a SHE fader!


Before you Begin:  Determine the overall desired length

1.    Create U-Shape parting 

2.    Use the Pilot with the #3 attachment comb on an open blade. To remove weight and create a blend, begin at the temple and cut with the growth pattern, directing the hair back and down. Continue around the parietal ridge finishing on the other side. 

3.    To create the SHE Fade with soft lines, continue with an open blade and the #2 attachment comb. Begin at the nape; using short even strokes work upward from short to long and side to side following around to the ears.  

4.    Continue The SHE Fade by repeating previous steps, blending short into long with the #3 attachment comb. 
Hint: you may need to continue to increase attachment comb size to complete the blend.  

5.    Drop a determined section of bangs for a later blend.
Using the Wahl ChromStyle with the standard blade closed, transition the top into the sides by holding the hair in vertical sections, cutting clipper over finger (as if using shears).  Work entire ridge area to desired length.

6.    Continuing with the ChromStyle, change blades to the All In One Blade adjusting blade to position 2.  To create texture and remove weight, hold hair at mid shaft and position the ChromStyle between the index and middle finger with the moving blade facing you.  Where you want the movement to begin feed the blade through the hair to the ends, using an upward peeling motion.

7.    Once the desired texture has been achieved in top, create softness at the ends by adjusting the blade to open (position 3). Use the same peeling technique around the parietal ridge focusing only on the ends of the hair. Also, as shown in photo, pinch the ends of the hair around the face and feed blade through to soften bangs or any other areas needed.

8.    To finish, you may either leave the hairline soft around the neck and ears, or choose a more tailored look by using the Cordless Detailer. 

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