INOAR Sponsors Zikonde Soccer Academy in South Africa

(Photo courtesy of INOAR)

International hair company, INOAR, sponsored Ivory Park-based Zikonde Soccer Academy in South Africa with soccer balls and new soccer kits (clothing and socks branded with INOAR) on May 6, 2017. The soccer academy was founded by a local hairdresser, Shoki Ndaba, to encourage soccer development and empowerment skills in the area. Ndaba, a client of INOAR, had approached the company for assistance. In turn, the company donated the soccer kits for the 45 players at the academy along with Mikasa professional soccer balls.

Hendrien Kruger, Owner and CEO for INOAR South Africa, said that they had been working with Ndaba for more than three years, providing him with hair products from the Brazilian company. "He told us about the soccer academy that he had established and how much potential the youngsters have. Coming from Brazil, a country that believes so much in the sport, we decided to assist him with the soccer kits,” Kruger says.

Ndaba said he was grateful for the new kits, adding that it had made a huge difference in the lives of the children. “I am so happy because most of these children are from disadvantaged families and can’t afford to buy their own kit," Ndaba says. "I am a volunteer coach and do this out of the goodness of my heart. I don’t want money, the only reward I want is to see these children happy and reaching their full potential,” he adds. 


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