Intelligent Design

Going to the bar takes on a whole new meaning at salons these days. "Color bars are getting really popular," says Renee Blundon, design and sales consultant for Gamma & Bross. "People like the interactive experience of seeing their color mixed." Blundon says that salons with Gamma & Bross' new Design by Porsche color bar are reporting that their color services have nearly doubled. "Clients talk about the color bar when they leave," she says. "Once they see this hot new element, they keep coming back." Blundon offers some tips on creating a successful color bar in your salon.

 Gamma & Bross' Design by Porsche color bar
Gamma & Bross' Design by Porsche color bar

LET IT PROCESS. "Many color bars now are being designed not just for consultations, but also to provide clients with a place to sit while their color processes," Blundon says, noting that some salons offer laptops and beverages to give clients something to do while they wait. "You could really just stay there all day!"

KEEP IT NEAT. Blundon points out how important it is to keep the color bar clean and organized at all times. "This is not your back room, where things can get messy," she says. "You should also keep it overstocked with color and bowls to make it look even more enticing."

PLAN YOUR SPACE. Blundon recommends leaving 3 feet of space per chair at the color bar to make sure clients are comfortable and colorists can easily move around during the consultation. "Color bars should allow colorists to have everything they need right at their fingertips," Blundon says, referring to the built-in storage space color bars provide. For more information, visit —L.M.