Interview with new Keratin Complex COO, Noah LeFevre

Back in March, we told you that Keratin Complex had been sold to investment group, Keratin Holdings, LLC. Today we spoke with the new Chief Operating Officer, Noah LeFevre, about his background, the short- and long-term goals for the brand, and the similarities between the sports and beauty worlds (no, really!).


Tell us about your background. 


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I have spent the last several years intricately involved in every aspect of the business of sports. Most recently I served as the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Manhattan College, an NCAA Division I institution in New York City. Sports is a terrific vehicle to be intricately involved in a myriad of business segments, including but not limited to the crucial sales, marketing, and finance divisions that any successful business needs to have operating at maximum efficiency.


What about your new position excites you the most?

The ability to make an impact. I think any time you have the opportunity to put your stamp on an organization it’s exciting. The Keratin Complex brand has so much potential and I am really looking forward to assisting in developing the brand into a global powerhouse that our competitors will consider an aspirational peer.


What changes, if any, can salon owners expect from Keratin Complex?

Our main point of emphasis in our day-to-day operations will be on customer service. We have a diverse product line that we want all salon owners to have a great deal of confidence in. We are going to work with all businesses, no matter the size, on meeting their needs through our educational support initiatives, extensive product offerings, rewards programs, promotional offers, public relations campaigns and customer service.


What are your short-term and long-term goals for the brand?

I firmly believe that Keratin Complex is the first and still the best in the smoothing space. With the launch of our new Personalized Blow Out treatment in May we will reconfirm our commitment to developing innovative products that are truly game changers. Longer term we are committed to continuing to be the best in our space and being a model of consistency known for great product quality.


How will you ensure Keratin Complex continues to be competitive in the marketplace?

Keratin Complex has a rich and successful history of product innovation and trend setting in the industry. We must continue to live up to that reputation while supporting salons, stylists and their clients at all levels. We intend to build on this incredible history and continue to lead with strong education curriculums and business-building programs for our partners.


What do you like most about the beauty industry so far?

Coming from the sports industry, I have always enjoyed the competitive aspect to any business endeavor. The beauty business is a complex and diverse industry with tremendous opportunity, and it is also extremely competitive. Consumers have choices and being involved with a brand that has tremendous potential to attract customers is really a rewarding proposition. In addition to the competitive nature of the industry, I also enjoy that education plays such a large role in a company’s success. In my previous vocation, I worked with coaches, who are teachers at their core. Education is just as important in the beauty space—we’re just talking to stylists and artists instead of coaches.