Itching for a Cure

Offer relief to clients with eczema through proper treatments and products.

as0115-IS-FValue-rev_C_fmt_0.jpegEczema is a condition that causes the skin to become swollen, irritated and itchy. It occurs in several forms, but the most common is atopic dermatitis. “Atopic dermatitis is a multifactorial chronic inflammatory skin disorder characterized by itchy, typically distributed eczematous skin lesions affecting the face and body,” says Dr. Diana Howard, vice president of research and development and global education for Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute. “It’s a complex disease that involves the innate and adaptive immune systems, genetics, environmental factors and even lifestyle.”

Although any part of the body may be affected by eczema, it typically occurs on the face, neck, hands, and the insides of the elbows, knees and ankles. According to Howard, atopic dermatitis tends to flare up when a person is exposed to certain triggers, such as irritants, allergens, emotional stress, heat, sweating and infections; the key to controlling it is avoiding or reducing this exposure.


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Skincare therapists can help relieve symptoms with treatments and products that contain calming ingredients, such as Dermalogica’s UltraCalming range and Repêchage’s Hydra 4 collection. Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repêchage, recommends formulas with seaweed, calcium, zinc oxide, olive oil and olive leaf extract. “We want to protect the skin’s barrier and fight off free radicals with antioxidant-rich ingredients,” she says. “We also want to strengthen the skin’s barrier so it can protect itself naturally. Ingredients like olive oil, quinoa oil and olive leaf extracts are essential for the delivery of vitamins A and E.”; —N.A.