Ivan Zoot: How to Cut a Classic 5-Step Clipper Over Comb

Ivan Zoot a.k.a. the Clipper Guy is the director of education and training for Andis and holds the Guinness Book of World Record titles for the world’s fastest haircut, most haircuts in one hour and most haircuts in 24 hours. He recently posted a YouTube video where he demonstrates the classic five-step clipper-over-comb cutting method. “Ninety-nine percent of your men’s haircuts will be some variation on a classic tapered men’s haircut,†says Zoot. “If you’re going to be creating a classic tapering, you’re going to be using some element of a classic five-step clipper over comb technique.â€

With Andis’ EasyStyle Clipper and Clipper Comb, Zoot gets to work:
Step 1: Comb straight down in three strokes for distribution
Step 2: Tip the comb and roll it back. Guide your comb so that 1/8-½ inch is left to cut.
Step 3: Carefully look at the hair
Step 4: Cut it off Step 5: Follow through and set back up for step one

For anyone uncomfortable with this method, Zoot recommends using a #1 classic snap on attachment guide or clipper guard, which will automatically control the clipper, but will slow down the process.

In the video, Zoot also emphasizes the importance of holding the comb in the “essential position†and using the right comb for the job. Enjoy! — Noelle Rivera