James Pecis Reflects on Oribe Atelier

Oribe Atelier 2018

This is a major year for Oribe—the beauty company turns 10—and it kicked things off with the first Atelier of 2018, staged at Brooklyn’s chic waterfront venue Duggal Greenhouse. More than 450 people packed the main room to watch demos before paring off into hands-on segments. James Pecis, Oribe global ambassador and no stranger to Atelier, led an onstage demo himself. Here, he weighs in on what he learned from this year’s event, his tips for attendees and his best memories at Oribe.

James Pecis, Oribe global ambassador 



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In light of Oribe's 10th anniversary, what is one of your favorite memories working with the brand?

One of my favorite memories is when the team got together the day before a San Francisco show last year. We were all working together, practicing our looks and dorking out about hair. At one point we were all huddled around a doll head, sharing different techniques. It was a moment of being a team and truly loving hair.


Another major Oribe memory is our holiday dinner in LA after our last Atelier of 2017. [Oribe president] Daniel Kaner loves getting everyone together over food and drink and has each person give a speech. It seems scary at first, but with the help of wine it becomes an emotional and memorable event. We are a very tight family.


What was the best part of this year’s Atelier?

Sharing what the team put together with all the hairdressers. We had hairdressers from around the world, and there is nothing better than seeing true happiness at the end of the day. Playing with hair is fun, and the Atelier is a place where we create a lot of fun.


What did you learn at Atelier?

As a team, we learn so much from each other. It's really about learning more about each other and becoming closer. We also learn a lot from the students. We give them a concept and a look to achieve and the results tell us a lot about how they interpret it. Hairdressing is never-ending learning. That’s what brings us all together—that hunger to know and learn more.


What is your number-one tip for hairstylists who will attend Atelier?

This is your time to do things you never get to do in the salon. This is a safe space to push yourself outside your comfort zone and do something new. My biggest advice is to be childlike and play with the hair without fear of messing up or making a client upset. This is your time.