Jenny Strebe, @TheConfessionsOfAHairstylist, Launches Educational App

The “Confessions” app was created to provide industry-leading content in a convenient and accessible way, delivering incredible value to subscribers that will further their skill set and ultimately help subscribers earn more money and grow their business. The app will also feature a new stylist each month to talk about real industry matters, fostering a community for stylists by tackling topics and issues that aren’t often discussed in the hair industry.

The objective behind the app is to provide stylists with affordable ongoing education. Although Jenny already features tutorials on her popular YouTube channel, the app will provide a more concentrated and intense educational experience. Each month there will be highlighted stylists such as Philip Wolf, Chief Behr, Nina Kovner, Sam Villa, Linh Pham and Ammon Carver lined up to contribute their tips and tricks on achieving success in the hair industry.

The app will be available for $9.99/month in the Apple and Google Play stores. Available worldwide with English language support.


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“This app is going to change the game for hair education. Many hairstylists lack the time or money to attend pricey educational workshops, so I created an instructional resource that delivers quality, value and convenience right to their fingertips.” - Jenny Strebe

Jenny has been in the industry for 16 years and an educator for 8 of those years. She has been featured in numerous industry magazines such as Behind The Chair, Modern Salon and American Salon Magazine. She has also won the BTC One Shot award in the Braid category and has gained sponsorship from Brazilian Bond Buider, Kenra, Pai-Shau and Framar.