Kate Upton Launches Skincare, Wellness Line

photo via Instagram @kateupton | credit: @kasey

Kate Upton is taking her passion for wellness and turning it into something tangible with her newest brand partnership. The model teamed up with Found Active, a wellness, cosmetic and skincare brand, and HatchBeauty Brands, a beauty and wellness brand incubator, to launch a line of products designed for women on the go. 

"Whether it's a good night's sleep, helping our immune system, helping us get energy—these products are really thought out to help us get to that next step," Upton says in an Instagram video on the brand's page. 

The line includes two dietary supplement powders (for skin and relaxation, using vitamins C and E) and two gummy supplements (for skin and immune support with vitamins B and D), a face and body spray, exfoliating face pads and four face serums, and a liquid eyeliner that’s formulated with clay. 


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For more, visit foundactive.com