Kayline by Wahl Launches New Website

Kayline by Wahl is always updating and innovating salon carts, tables, trays, stations and tool organizers based on what stylists need. And now the company has revived its online presence as well. 

Kayline recently launched iits new website and after only a month, the company is excited about how stylists are using their site.

"It already is achieving what we want," said Joe Ryan, Creative Director for Kayline. "We have daily inquiries about products and distributors now that we never had before. We can monitor what products are being viewed and see where people are coming from. That is great information, especially when rolling out new products like we are right now at Kayline with the recent launch of the Hideaway."

When Ryan joined Kayline, part of his mission was to restore the image of the iconic brand. Part of that strategy was creating a new website where people could learn about Kayline’s innovative products and deep history. These were needs the previous site was simply no longer able to meet. 

"What is on trend? It certainly isn’t a static website," Ryan said. "As soon as we launched the Hideaway, people were inquiring about a YouTube video. We have plans to produce videos for about ten products and release later this month. All the new products and the best of the older products will get the whole video explanation."

The way people view and interact with the web has changed dramatically in the past 15 years and the old static site was not compatible with the needs of today’s users. 
"People had stopped using the site," Ryan said. "Not because the information was missing. It was there, but it was unusable information. There were tiny photos. Nothing worked or resized for phones or tablets."

About 40 percent of visitors are viewing Kayline’s website on their phone. For the professional industry, accessing the Internet from your phone makes perfect sense.
"Most stylists use their phones as their main source for searching the web," Ryan explained. "Think about it. They are behind the chair all day and when they do get a break between clients, they pop on their phone, check their social media, and look for a product they need at their work."

While the new site is launched, Ryan noted that it is not completed. "The thing about websites is they are never ever done," Ryan said. "It’s very important to continue to update and populate a site. Like the site says 'This is the new Kayline, and this is just the beginning.'"

About: Kayline by Wahl  is dedicated to the continuing growth of the Professional Beauty Industry. Its innovative product designs and consistently high quality standards make it an internationally recognized leader in its category. Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Visit www.kaylinebeauty.com for more details.