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Trends come and go as quickly in our industry as they do in the fashion world. In haircolor, we've seen the popularity of light shades and darks, fat highlights and skinny ones, colors straight from the earth and shades not even remotely found in nature.

Kim Vo
Kim Vo

Not surprisingly, change is in the air again. This time around, the latest buzz in the biz is that boho hair, with its easy-to-maintain color and style, is making a comeback for spring.

For blondes, the bohemian look is earthy and natural, with darker roots and lighter ends. I don't mean black roots and blonde ends; it should be a subtle gradation of cascading highlights that get lighter from roots to ends. The result is very much like a child's hair color, which turns paler from the sun while maintaining its true color at the base. Cameron Diaz's hair is a perfect example of this fresh, beachy look.


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The brunette version of bohemian hair is achieved by layering colors. Start with a single-process rich brown, add a colored glaze, weave in some highlights in shades of brown or chestnut and top with a clear glaze. The opaque and transparent colors reflect the light differently, so the look has amazing depth and wonderful movement.

The hairstyle that best reflects this boho color trend is casual, marked by curls or gentle waves. Sometimes, two small loose braids are woven into the hair at the sides, bringing back a taste of the 1960s. The idea is to create a look that suggests naturally beautiful tresses that don't appear contrived or "styled." It's a fabulously fresh look for spring.

All in all, bohemian hair is a great solution for cost-conscious clients who want to make fewer trips to the salon. And in these troubled economic times, we need to remember to show our gratitude to them for sticking with us. I like to think that if we keep pace with clients' evolving needs, their loyalty will remain strong. —E-mail Kim Vo at [email protected] .