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Attenzione, parrucchieri! Okay, that's about the extent of my nonfood Italian, and it means "attention, hairdressers." At least, I'm pretty sure that's what it means; if it doesn't, kindly accept my apologies and refrain from e-mailing me about it.

 Kim Vo
Kim Vo

Italy has been taking the haircolor world by storm with a new highlighting technique called "lacing," and this innovative artistry has recently made its way to the shores of the United States—as if sharing Bellinis and Lamborghinis isn't fabulous enough. Lacing isn't about fastening up your sneakers, boys and girls. What it is, in fact, is a great option for your clients who want a fun, deconstructed color solution that lets them say good-bye to summer-lightened hair with a flourish. Here's how to do it.

Section the hair and apply bleach or color with foils as you traditionally would. On the areas between the foils, partition the hair into 1-inch sections all over the head and tease the heck out of them. Odds are, you probably haven't done any serious back-combing in ages, but it's the key to this particular technique. Next, gently paint a color lighter than the one you used in the foils on the hair that sticks up from the teased parts. The result is a kind of bamboo effect, lighter on the tips, that looks great on all types of hair—from curly to wavy to straight to any combination of the three.

One of the best things about lacing is that you can use it to whisper, talk or shout with color, depending on the degree of contrast you choose. To whisper, use subtly different shades of semipermanent color that will result in varying reflections in the sun. To talk, try adding a fun color, like red on brunette. To shout, start with a darker base and bleach, bleach, bleach with high-lift creams for the ultimate contrast.

Sarah Jessica Parker and supermodel Gisele Bündchen are both fans of lacing, and they've opted to shout. The result of their style-setting choices: Bellissima! —E-mail Kim Vo at [email protected].


Gray's Anatomy


Redken For Men's new Customized Camouflage in-salon service blends and reduces gray hair in less than 10 minutes. Initially launched in 2004, the updated service now offers a shorter processing time that allows stylists to customize product strength for clients' desired color. The formula, which is available in six shades, lightly blends gray in five minutes or offers more coverage if left on for the full 10 minutes. Processed at the shampoo bowl for discretion, the demipermanent color fades gradually, making it an ideal choice for men who aren't comfortable with a haircolor commitment. —A.F.




To Preserve and Protect


KEUNE's Blonde Enhancing Treatment is a color-enhancing mousse formulated specifically for highlighted, bleached and light-colored hair. This hair treatment neutralizes yellow tones and conditions, moisturizes and strengthens color-treated hair. It contains sunflower seed extract to protect strands from UV rays and phytokeratin and provitamin B5, which strengthen hair, give it volume and add shine. —N.P.



Color Protection to Go


Color Guard, one of Phyto's new RX Express kits, is a two-week supply of after-color care that promises to restore softness by restructuring and nourishing the hair fiber. Stylists can "prescribe" Color Guard, which contains the Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo and Mask, to clients whose color treatments have left their hair dry and lackluster. The product's ingredients, including citrus fruits, chamomile and sweet almond protein, help to close the hair cuticle to lock in color and shine. —A.F.