L'Anza Healing Haircare Announces Winner of Level III Educators Challenge

The winning look

To challenge its Level III Educators, L'Anza Healing Haircare presented them with the task of creating a complete, healthy look using L'Anza products. The reward? Bringing the concept to life at the next L'Anza photo shoot.

The winner was Glenda Johnston of Chardon, Ohio, who crafted elegant blonde side-swept curls. "I wanted something classic, sophisticated and romantic," said Johnston, who first had to create the style on a mannequin before she and the other nine participants voted on the winner.

To achieve the look, Johnston used L'Anza Healing Color (Akoya Pearl Color Concept Shades 9G and 10P) and Style (Neem Plant Silk Serum and Reflex). "For the cut, I did simple long layers without a lot of texturizing," Johnston explained. "This enhances the curl and keeps the finish smooth."

—Beth Furtwangler