Lydia Sarfati Takes Repêchage to Poland

Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati recently traveled to her native country of Poland to share exciting new developments for the skin care company. Speaking with the U.S. Department of Congress to discuss future collaborative efforts, top beauty editors and Repêchage clients, Sarfati had a clear priority for her visit—education.

In Wroclaw, Sarfati made her first stop to the Repêchage Institute where she not only shared business tips for those in or looking to break into the skin care industry, but introduced the newest line from Repêchage, the Vita Cura Triple Action Body Collection. There, attendees were able to both learn from Sarfati and experience the new anti-aging body collection firsthand—and, as an extra bonus, each guest took home a copy of Sarfati’s new book, Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business.

The next stop on Sarfati’s visit was Dietl University, which boasts a prestigious cosmetology program and gives students the opportunity to study for three years and earn a Bachelor’s Degree, or take part in a five-year Master’s Degree program. Both programs are offered at the University’s two campuses, located in Warsaw and Cracow, respectively. Now, Repêchage is teaming up with Dietl and offering its products and treatments to the curriculum to help give students the quality skin care education they deserve. For Sarfati, this collaboration is truly wonderful—“We are excited to work together with Dietl and help build great futures for skin care specialists in Poland.”


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