Making the Cut

With innovative design and unique materials, these clippers and shears are a cut above.

Hairstyles often shift and change with the seasons, demanding increasingly intricate attention to detail. The carefully crafted designs of these shears and clippers are sure to deliver the quality and precision needed. ✂ —Eloise Giegerich

Slide Notes

1. Andis Give an extra edge with the new Camo Clipper from Andis. Available in pink and green, the clipper is a unique way to personalize salon style. The tool is not just a standout because of its decorative flair—it’s also top of the line in design. With a running magnetic motor, adjustable blade and six attachment combs, the Camo Clipper allows for the ultimate close and defined cut. Made to feel lighter and smaller, it’s perfect for cutting wet and dry hair, point-cutting, clipper-over-comb cutting and more.


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2. Fromm International Designed to reduce fatigue, relieve pressure, and put an end to repetitive motion disorders is the new Flex Curve Shear from Fromm. German engineered and regulated through 120 production cycles, the shears offer precision and detail. With a 21-degree curved blade, convex edge, and steel that has been meticulously inspected and improved, the Flex Curve is designed to stay sharper longer and to be used for more advanced cutting techniques. Maximized comfort and control are possible with a moving thumb ring that pivots 50 degrees to follow the hand’s natural movements and reduce risk of injury, and a user-friendly handle allows the shoulder and elbow to remain in a more relaxed position.

3. Kamisori Kamisori offers a new design for its legendary Black Diamond hair shears, giving stylists not only a lighter-weight and higher steel-grade tool, but a more sophisticated design. The shears’ sleek black handle evokes an elegance, while its razor-sharp edge allows for fast and smooth cutting. Perfect for slice-, blunt- and point-cutting wet or dry hair, the tool can be used by stylists of all levels for a comfortable cutting experience.

4. Wahl The new Wahl Cordless Sterling 4 clipper is an all-in-one tool with a lightweight, sleek design and taper lever for easy fading and blending, style, and convenience. With 90-plus minutes run time of battery life, and a 1005 standard blade that fits all Wahl guards, the clipper gives stylists the luxury of comfort and allows room to pursue aesthetic vision. What’s more, stylists can add something extra to their clippers by personalizing them with a choice of four color-insert chips.

5. Washi Scissor Co. Made in Japan with authentic Japanese Hitachi Steel, the AX Ultimate from Washi is the brand’s top-selling shear. With ultrasharp edges that glide through strands, it’s no surprise the tool is popular. Perfect for slide-cutting wet or dry hair, the AX Ultimate features an extra-comfortable handle design and Washi’s new Anti-Push Edge technology, which uses an edge performed on a specialty stone to help prevent hair from sliding on the blade as you cut.

6. Jaguar Four decades of expertise went into crafting the unique design of the new Lane shears from Jaguar. With an elegant structure and ergonomic handle featuring an angled thumb ring—a bonus that enables stylists to enjoy a relaxed workflow—the Lane allows for intricate cuts without extra hassle. Easy and simple cutting action thanks to the Smart Spin screw system, and maximum sharpness from convex blades with fully integrated cutting edges make the Lane especially perfect for slice-cutting.

7. Tweezerman Tweezerman Professional reintroduces its Stainless 2000 Styling Shears, a new and improved model made with the highest-quality, ice-tempered stainless steel, boasting ultrasharp blades that allow stylists a wider range of motion both for finer, long-lasting cutting edges and increased durability. Hand-crafted for optimum control, with a handle that fosters both balance and comfort, the shears allow stylists to snip in style.

8. JOster Ideal for aspiring stylists or salons that practice light to medium clipper usage is the Turbo 360 from Oster. With an adjustable blade and a Turbo special feature that offers extra power for specific cuts, the Turbo 360 is designed to allow flexibility and versatility. The clipper can be used with a power cord or on its own; is easy to hold; is contoured for all-day cutting; and comes with six guide combs, a blade guard and cleaning accessories.