Man to Man

Dusty Rhodë creates a collection that fulfills the idea of the stoic male.

Capturing the strong angles and deep facial contours characteristic of the masculine profile, hairstylist Dusty Rhodë pushed these traits even further with expressive styling. “I wanted to capture man in his stoic, exaggerated form,” Rhodë says. “My goal was to steer clear from man’s softer side, utilizing facial hair when necessary, but not to the point it looked like I just hosted a pirate convention.” Rhodë relied on freehand clipper and freehand shear work, in combination with various texturizing methods, to develop the shapes in this collection. —Kristen Heinzinger >

photography: Dusty RhodË; MAKEUP: MEGAN MAC


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Image 1 - To achieve this angular crop, Dusty Rhodë used a freehand clipper technique from the perimeter, working up to the predetermined weight line. He then used clipper-over-comb cutting from the weight line to the crown. Next he used freehand razoring on top to finish the shape and add generous amounts of texture and movement. To style, he relied on Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay and Air Control Hair Spray.

Image 2 - Rhodë created this radial shape that follows the head’s natural contours with a shear-over-hand and shear-to-palm technique. Then, he established a tight, low taper through the nape area and in front of the ears using shear-over-comb cutting. To style, Rhodë applied Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Cream.