Mariah Carey's Precious Premiere Style

She may have been dressed down to play a frumpy social worker in Precious, but for the movie's LA premiere, Mariah Carey was all about old Hollywood glamor. Her head-turning hairstyle was created by celebrity stylist Robert Vetica, who used Moroccanoil Treatment to achieve a polished look with a low side part and cascading curls.   Here's how he did it:

·     First, Vetica applied Moroccanoil Treatment on dry hair to eliminate frizz and add a natural-looking lustre.

·     He then blow dried hair from the back, pushing strands forward and to the top of the head. "It was important to create fullness and movement so the hair wouldn't look too retro," Vetica said.  "I used Moroccanoil since it is so weightless and absorbs right in. It gave me the more modern look I had in mind to accessorize the black Zak Posen gown she wore."

·     Once hair was dry, Vetica took a 3/4-inch curling iron to three separate two-inch sections on the top of the head, pinning them to set while the rest of the hair was curled in a direction going towards the back of the head.

·     Finally, Vetica brushed the hair,  backcombed strands at the root and styled the look.