Matrix Rebrands to Celebrate Diversity & Cater to All Hair Types



Innovation for every hair type and education for every stylist is the new motto for Matrix, which just rolled out a big rebranding in March. The new look aims to attract a new consumer base with a focus on diversity and representation within the haircare community.

Though it’s sporting a new logo, Matrix has kept its core values of synergy and togetherness, modernizing to be a community in which everyone and anyone in the haircare and haircolor industry can “reach their full potential,” according to a press release.

The reinvention brings a lot of new changes, including the Hair Diversity Matrix, which was created with internal labs and the education community to ensure all products and education materials can serve the needs of all hair types. The Hair Diversity Matrix provides a scorecard system that includes all levels—whether it’s hues, pigments, diameters or patterns of hair—and it’s intended to make it easy for professionals to take care of every hair type.

 “The new Hair Diversity Matrix and new product innovation ensure uncomplicated, high performance solutions for all styles and all hair types, allowing stylists at all levels to color, style and cut with confidence,” said Matrix US SVP Carrington Cole said in the brand’s press release.  “Staying true to the original founding vision, Matrix will continue to inspire stylists with the confidence to reach for their dreams.”

The rebranding also includes new product innovation, specifically 120-plus new shades of the cult favorite Socolor line and 90-plus new shades of the Color Sync line, which now are pre-bonded with Bond Protecting Concentrate to help protect hair structure. These new shades also come with new packaging in bold bright hues.

Learn more about the rebranding here.